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BV500 Vacuum Sealer

BV500 Vacuum Sealer is highly suitable for vacuum storing smaller quantities of food in vacuum bags or containers on a daily basis. It’s the right choice, if you want to reduce the amount of food you throw away and prolong the shelf life of your groceries. Save up to 300 € a year!

  • Distributors in 40 countries around the World.
  • Made for a lifetime.
Easy to Use
Vacuum Pressure -650 mbar


Up to 5 years of warranty.


Save more than 300 € per year.


Food stays fresher up to 4 times longer.


95 % of products are made in Slovenia, EU.


Sold in 40 countries around the World.


Do you want to reduce how much food you throw away and save time and money on groceries? Are you looking to find a way to reduce your shopping without sacrificing the taste and quality of the food you eat?


Benefits of vacuum storage

Vacuum packing extends your food’s shelf life and guarantees a choice of varied high-quality ingredients, which you can use to prepare meals for your loved ones without having to shop for fresh foodstuffs every day. The BV500 Vacuum Sealer enables handy and healthy food storage for smaller households.

What happens to food when you preserve it in vacuum?

Vacuum-sealed foods are protected against the negative influences of oxidation because vacuuming removes the air around the food. This stops bacteria from developing, which prolongs shelf life. The food won’t go bad by developing mould or rotting, changing colour, flavour, or aroma. Your food will stay fresh longer in a perfectly natural way, without changing its taste. Vacuuming guarantees that the food you serve your family will retain both vitamins and minerals.     

vacuum packed peppers and chilli peppers
Vegetables stored in vacuum bags will stay nutritious even after storing them in the freezer.

Is it worth investing in a vacuum sealer?

A vacuum-sealing device is a worthwhile investment for every household. Research has shown that Europeans throw away approximately 72 kg of food per person each year. This amounts to a whopping 320 € a year. Spend just a part of this amount on a vacuum sealer and you are more than guaranteed to get your investment back.

Shop with forethought!

The BV500 vacuum sealing device is the right choice for you, if you need a vacuum sealer to store food every day, be it ingredients you’ve bought (fruits, vegetables, meats) and want to make last until the end of the week, or pre-prepared meals (Bolognese sauce, lasagne, stew, vegetable soup) guaranteeing your family daily healthy home-cooked meals.

Buy the fruit and vegetables at the local farmer’s market when they are in season and therefore at their most affordable; vacuum pack them and stock up for the winter, when you’ll yearn for warm casserole or fruit cake.

Save further by buying larger, more affordable food packs (such as cereals, legumes, cheeses, pasta, spices, coffee and the like) in bulk and then vacuum packing them in individual servings at home. Cheese vacuum packed in this way will remain edible for as many as 25 – 35 days instead of the usual 10 – 12, and dry biscuits for as many as 300 days instead of just 120. Coffee stored in vacuum will retain its full aroma for a whole year rather than just a month or two.

Why choose Status BV500 specifically?

BV500 offers different settings for storing different types of groceries. For vacuum storing solid and dry foodstuffs, use the so-called automatic vacuum sealing. Simply place the vacuum food bag in the right spot in the vacuum channel and press the “Vacuum bag” button. The machine will extract the air from the vacuum bag until it reaches -650 mbar of  vacuum pressure and then seal the bag by fusing it shut. You can store dried meat products, nuts, beans, carrots and other insensitive foods by pressing a single button.

How to store courgettes and mushrooms?

Storing bread, courgettes, mushrooms, and other fresh foods is just as simple; it just takes a bit of attention and pressing one additional button. Place the vacuum bag with the food item in the vacuum channel and begin the process of air evacuation by pressing the “Vacuum bag” button. Observe the process and stop the vacuuming by pressing the “Stop” button when you notice that the liquid is running towards the machine or when the foods are beginning to deform. The vacuum sealer then automatically seals the vacuum bag containing the food. You are sure to get the process of manual vacuum sealing down in just a few tries.

pressing the button on vacuum sealer BV500
Vacuum packing food is simple! Press the button and you’re done.

BV500 Vacuum Sealer – safety liquid trap

If a small amount of unwanted liquid gets drawn too far, it will be collected in the safety liquid trap collector and will not affect the functioning of the appliance. If this happens, unplug the machine, empty the tray, and dry it well before vacuum packing further.

ADVICE: Before vacuum packing fruits and vegetables, which contain a lot of liquid, you can quickly freeze them; this will prevent any unwanted liquids from making their way into the vacuum packing machine.

Store liquids and foods rich in liquids in vacuum containers. The BV500 vacuum packing machine comes with an accessory tube. Simply attach it to the valve of the vacuum container and press the “Vacuum Container” button; this will start the automatic process of vacuuming the air out of the food container. The air extraction process stops once the appropriate pressure level is reached in the container. The valve on the lid keeps the container vacuum-sealed.

vacuum sealing food containers with vacuum sealer Status BV500
Vacuum packing machine BV500 has a special function for closing vacuum containers airtight.

A place for the foil roll inside the vacuum sealer

To make using and making bags from our foil rolls easier on you, the BV500 vacuum machine features an inbuilt space for foil rolls. Measure out the desired length of the bag to fit the food you are vacuum sealing then cut using the enclosed blade. Fuse the bottom edge shut and your bag is ready for use. From this point on, just follow the same procedure as you would in vacuum sealing foods in pre-made vacuum bags. Simply select the appropriate vacuuming setting for the type of food you are packing – manual or automatic.

How to correctly place the bag in the vacuum channel?

Status Stiki” is a double-sided adhesive tape, which is glued onto the edge of the vacuum machine to hold your bag in place during the vacuuming and sealing process. This will keep your hands free and stop the bag from wrinkling thereby ensuring a straight and airtight seal.

in-built foil roll compartment for vacuum bag rolls
Vacuum sealer BV500 has a in-built foil roll compartment for easier roll cutting.

Make custom-length vacuum bag

Vacuum sealer BV500 has an in-built channel for foil roll, so the making of custom bags is simple.

cutting foil roll vacuum sealer
Vacuum sealer with an in-built compartment for foil rolls.
Choose automatic function for vacuum packing solid foods
  • Place the bag with the food item in the vacuum channel.
  • Close the lid and press on the marked spot.
  • Press Vacuum bag.
  • Aparat automatically vacuums and seals the bag.
Use manual vacuum packing for sensitive and soft foods
  • Place the bag with the food item in the vacuum channel.
  • Close the lid and press on the marked spot.
  • Press Start and observe the food in the bag. When enough air is removed and before soft food gets damaged press stop.
  • The machine will automatically seal the bag at the end.
Vacuum packing containers, universal lids and jug
  • Connect the machine and the container with the special attachment.
  • Press Vacuum container.
  • Vacuum sealer stops when pre-set vacuum pressure is achieved.


Rich starter set BV500

Includes everything you need to start vacuum packing food immediately. Even a tube for vacuuming food containers.


Foil rolls and vacuum bags

2 x foil roll: 280 x 1500 mm and 200 x 1500 mm 3 vacuum bags: 200 x 280 mm 3 vacuum bags: 280 x 360 mm


Foil cutting blade

For easier cutting and opening of vacuum bags.

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Additional information


green, grey and silver, white

Pump volume


12 V DC


-650 mbar


390 mm

Vacuum channel length

280 mm

Built-in foil cutting blade


Channel for blade


Foil roll compartment



182 mm


88 mm

Vacuum pump

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