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Minivac Vacuum Sealer

Minivac Food Vacuum Sealer is the best assistant for any urban family’s household. Status’s smallest vacuum packing machine is ideal for those of you that don’t vacuum-pack often, but still want your food stored to a high standard. It takes less space on you counter than a breadbox and you can simply put it in a drawer.

  • Distributors in 40 countries around the World.
  • Made for a lifetime.
Maximal Use of Space
Other Producer
Vacuum Pressure -550 mbar


Up to 5 years of warranty.


Save more than 300 € per year.


Food stays fresher up to 4 times longer.


Made in Slovenia, EU.


Sold in 40 countries around the World.


Do you need a food vacuum-packing machine to occasionally store smaller quantities of home-grown vegetables you got from your relatives? Are you looking for a compact vacuum packer you can simply put in a drawer, when you’re not using it? Or do you perhaps want to safeguard non-food items from humidity, and you have no need for additional functions such as vacuuming containers?
The Minivac food vacuum-packing machine is the best choice when you don’t vacuum pack often, but you still don’t want to compromise when it comes to storing your foods. You feel it’s important that the vacuum sealer machine does its job to a high standard, and doesn’t take a lot of space in your kitchen.


Why vacuum pack?

By storing food in vacuum pouches you prevent oxygen from coming into contact with your food, causing it to oxidise and thereby rot, go mouldy, or lose its aroma and taste. Vacuum storing foodstuffs is the best option, when you want to protect the food from spoiling, but you don’t want its taste to change like it does with pickling vegetables or cooking fruit preserves. Not only does vacuum storage extend the food’s shelf life for up to four times, it also preserves its nutritional value much better. What this means for you is that, in addition to throwing less food away, you are also consuming better foods with higher vitamin content.

vacuum packing cheese with Minivac sealer
Minivac is a great option for urban families, one-person households and all others that need a compact and practical vacuum packer.

How to best store home-grown fruits and vegetables?

Vacuum pack home-grown cherries and plums to evoke your summer memories in the winter by making delicious fruit pastries or smoothies. The abundance of vegetables grown by grandma in her garden in the countryside is a proper treasury of vitamins that your body needs in the cold days of winter. Make the most of the advantages of vacuum and store the valuable home-grown produce to a high standard. In Status vacuum bags, grandma’s vegetables and grandpa’s dry sausage will retain their full nutritional value and aromas, which will rekindle your childhood memories of when you spent your holidays in the countryside.

Minivac Vacuum Sealer: the smallest food vacuum packing machine

Minivac Vacuum Sealer also lends itself well to use at cabins, vacation houses, or weekend retreats. The appliance’s compact shape makes it easy for you to take anywhere, and when you’re done using it, simply put it in the drawer, where it will await the next parcel of home-grown goodies from the countryside.  

The Minivac Vacuum Sealer can be used to store all kinds of foods

In spite of its mini design, the Minivac vacuum packing machine offers both the automatic and manual vacuuming functions, so you can vacuum store soft and wet foods as well as dry and firm foods.

Use the automatic vacuuming function to store dried meats, nuts, beans, carrots and the like. Place the bag in the vacuum channel, press the “VAC Seal” button and the machine will vacuum and seal the bag automatically. The vacuum packed foods are now kept safe from spoiling and losing their aroma, and ready to be stored in the pantry or freezer.

Minivac vacuum sealer close up
Minivac Vacuum Packer: compact design and simple usage.

The manual vacuuming function will prevent soft and wet foods from getting damaged as well as preclude any liquids making their way into the machine. Place the bag containing the food into the vacuum channel and press “VAC Seal”. Observe the vacuuming process carefully; when you notice liquid flowing towards the machine, stop the air extraction by pressing the “Seal” button and the machine will seal the bag.

Vacuum-packing made even simpler

Minivac vacuum sealer is simpler to use because it has no locking mechanisms; you just need to press down at the points indicated on the lid. This means you have one task less to perform when vacuum packing your foods.

vacuum packing cheese with a small vacuum packing machine
Vacuum sealer for everyday vacuum food storage.

Easier bag placement bag and shorter unused ends 

Use the Status Stiki double-sided adhesive tape to make placing the vacuum bag in the vacuum channel easier. The bag will stay put and you won’t have to worry about creasing during the vacuuming process.

Minivac can be used for automatic and manual vacuum packing.

Automatic vacuum packing function (dry meat, nuts, carrots)
  • Place the items to be vacuum packed in the bag.
  • Make sure that inner surfaces (for the sealing edge) are clean, dry and free from food particles.
  • Place the filled bag on the work surface in front of the appliance and pull it to the middle of the Vacuum Channel. Make sure that the bag placed on the Sealing Strip is completely smooth (not creased).
  • Close the appliance and activate the VAC Seal Button.
  • Press on the lid on the Press and Hold Labels and hold it down for a few seconds. The bag will be vacuum packed and sealed automatically. Due to high vacuum pressure the lid stays closed while the machine operates. If the lid opens during this process then press the lid down firmly.
  • When the sealing process is complete, wait for the lid to release automatically or unlock it with the unlock button and remove the bag. Check the seal – it should be smooth and transparent over its whole width.
Vacuum packing of foods which can be easily crushed (fresh fruit, salads, mushrooms, bread, pastry)
  • Place the items to be vacuum packed in the bag. The bag should be at least 5 cm longer than the area containing food stuffs.
  • Make sure that inner surfaces to be sealed are clean, dry and free from food materials.
  • Place the filled bag on the work surface in front of the appliance and pull it to the middle of Vacuum Channel. Make sure that the bag placed on the Sealing Strip is completely smooth (not creased).
  • Close the lid and press it with both hands on the PRESS AND HOLD marks. Activate the VAC Seal button and keep the lid pressed down for few seconds.
  • When you are satisfied with the amount of the air removed or when the liquid starts pouring towards appliance, press the Vac Seal button to stop vacuuming and seal the bag. During sealing the light (Seal) illuminates.
  • Wait until the lid lifts slightly and check the seal, it should be transparent and uniform.

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Additional information

Pump volume


12 V DC

Vacuum channel length

280 mm


-550 mbar

Vacuum pump




395 mm


81,5 mm


57 mm

Foil roll compartment


Channel for blade


Built-in foil cutting blade


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