Household Products

Are you looking for practical solutions for your home? Is your couch full of jackets when you have visitors? Add a versatile hanger on your doors and it will help you organize your home. We have also come up with the solution for full recycling bin. You can reduce the volume of waste plastic bottles by 80 %. Is it time for apartment or vacation home renovation? Use Tile levelling system EasyTiler and become a professional tiler yourself. You will also find an awarded product in household category - An Active Mousepad Give Hand a Chance, which will make computer work fun and it will prevent the carpal tunnel syndrome.

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Door hangers – a smart solution for smaller apartments 

You should use door hangers in every room – they are installed without drilling, measuring or levelling. Use one in the bathroom for towels, one in the lobby for coats and in the bedrooms for clothes you wear day-to-day.

Practical and versatile vacuum hooks

Is it painful when you have to drill into the wall to install hangers? Rather choose suction hooks which do not need any drilling and can be moved from room to room and adjusted by height. There must be a place in your home you wish you had a hanger from time to time.

Solution for overfilling recycling bin

You should be recycling by now and make sure our planet will stay as clean as possible for next generations. By using our press for waste plastic bottles Green Press you will reduce the volume of the waste plastic bottles by 80 % and consequently reduce the CO2 emissions.

EasyTiler Tile Levelling system 

Professional tilers we have to wait for and bills that are higher than agreed can make us hate home renovation. Do it yourself! All you need is a tile levelling system that guarantees professional results even if you are not a skilled handy man.

The best mousepad

Your hands are not in the natural position while you’re typing and operating the mouse. As a result you can experience pain in that area. Active Mousepad Give Hand a Chance relives that uncomfortable feeling and prevents the formation of carpal tunnel syndrome.

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