Status d. o. o. Metlika is a proud producer of quality products since 1995. 95 % of our products are made in Slovenia. Slovenian production and high-quality materials are our guiding points when designing new products. We are confident that our products are manufactured to the highest quality, therefore we offer Status warranty on all our products. A 3-year warranty on all our kitchen tools, vacuum containers, household accessories, and vacuum sealers Home 280 and Solid 300. A 2-year warranty applies to other electric appliances and a 5-year warranty on our Professional Vacuum Packing Machine Provac 360.  Warranty does not apply to products from other producers.

Terms and conditions for claiming warranty

Warranty is invalid if:

  • you use the kitchen tool or the machine for unintended purposes
  • you do not respect safety regulations and do not follow the instructions in the User Manual
  • the machine has been tampered with.

Contact your local distributor of Status’s products for detailed terms and conditions for claiming a warranty. Certain differences may apply.

2- and 3-year warranty for vacuum sealers

Status launched its first vacuum sealer in December 2003. More than 349.000 vacuum sealers have been sold worldwide since then. All Status’s vacuum sealers and other electric appliances have a right to a 2-year warranty, while 3-year warranty applies to Status Vacuum Sealer Home 280 and Status Semi-professional Vacuum Packing Machine Solid 300. Please contact your seller for detailed terms for claiming a warranty. Certain differences in terms and conditions may apply.

5-year warranty for Professional Vacuum Packing Machine Provac 360

Professional vacum packing machine

Status Provac 360 is a professional vacuum sealer with many patented solutions. It is developed and produced in Slovenia. We attest to its quality with a 5-year warranty. Please contact your seller for detailed terms for claiming a warranty. Certain differences in terms and conditions may apply.

3-year warranty for non-electrical Gastro products

professional vacuum containers from Status Innovations
NEW! Vacuum lids with color coordination, designed to simplify food organization while adhering to HACCP standards.

We have recently expanded our vacuum range with the gastro segment. The Gastro category includes products for professional users like restaurant owners, hoteliers, producers of foodstuffs, and all other demanding users that require durable, top-quality products. All our Gastro Vacuum Containers, Gastronorm Vacuum Lids, and Gastro Vacuum Wine Stoppers have a 3-year warranty.