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Whether you are a restaurant owner or you produce food items, your profit depends on how well you use ingredients and how you save leftovers. Another key element is how you pack your end products. We recommend vacuum packing if you want to retain freshness and prolong shelf life without affecting their looks and taste. Vacuum storage for food prolongs foods freshness up to four times, so that means you will throw away less spoiled food and your end products like cheese, cured sausages, herbs will be adequately packed for sales and transport. In the Gastro category you will find professional vacuum packing machine and food bags, professional vacuum containers and wine stoppers and the world novelty product Gastronorm lids.

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Provac 360: professional vacuum packing machine

Professional vacuum sealer Provac 360 with wider vacuum channel (36 cm) is adapted for demanding needs of restaurant staff and foodstuffs producers. Its power, speed and patented solutions in combination with Status’s professional food vacuum bags ensure the best solution for food storage which follow strict hygienic regulations.

Vacuum packing food in vacuum bags

Vacuum bags are ideal packaging for transporting, freezing, and Sous Vide cooking foodstuffs. Their professional thickness (100 and 120 µm) and food grade materials ensure oxygen impermeability and by that preserve the quality of foodstuffs (even in the case of long-term storage).

Store ingredients in Gastro Vacuum Containers and prevent mixing odours in refrigerating chamber

Storing food in completely see through containers simplifies the overview of the stock. All volumes can be stacked for optimal use of space.

Transform your Gastronorm pans into vacuum containers

World novelty product Gastronorm Vacuum Lids are developed for upgrading your stainless steel Gastronorm pans. Completely see-through material will not affect the organisation of your storage. A small investment that pays off in no time!

Gastro Electric Vacuum Pump for vacuum sealing large food containers

Professional Vacuum Containers with volumes up to 10 litres will be vacuumed fast and easy by pressing one button. It doesn’t require wires for operating so it’s really handy in chaotic professional kitchens.

Gastro Vacuum Stoppers for wine

Even opened wine bottles can be vacuum sealed to prevent wine oxidation. Vacuum Stoppers protect the taste, aroma and colour of the wine. Your will always serve your guests only the best quality wine, even if the bottle was opened a day before.

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