Kitchen Utensils

Looking for the best mandoline slicer, Sous Vide cooker or other kitchen utensils that would simplify your everyday food preparation? Choose amongst innovative and high quality products that simplify food storage and meal preparation whether you are a skilled cook or an amateur gourmet. Status's kitchen accessories have been sold in million pieces around the world and awarded with many recognition of innovation. Utensils are made of high quality materials that ensure long life span. Slovenian quality is backed up with three-year warranty. Also, look for smart solutions for food storage at home or on the go. Plastic food containers and impermeable closing system for all kinds of bags - Status Kliki Fresh Stick.

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Simple meal prep with vegetable cutters 

Status kitchen utensils have a compact design and are easy to use so they can also be used in vacation house or on a picnic. For easy salad and side dish preparation use Onion Cutter and V-shape Slicer, while Garlic Cutter is great for adding a touch of freshly cut garlic on served dishes.

Slow cooker Sous Vide

Become a masterchef in your own kitchen and step outside of classic roast dinners. Try cooking Sous Vide chicken and surprise your loved ones with premium dinner just like from a michelin starred restaurant. All the juices and spices stay inside the bag, which makes the meat juicer and full of flavour.

Spice grinder and Formula 1?

Our spice mill has a ceramic core which is made of similar materials like Formula 1 pistons. Special ceramic core is tough enough to grind all kinds of spices.

Plastic food containers and bag fasteners for everyday food storage

Food preparation and food storage go hand in hand that’s why we also offer bags and clips and food containers for short term food storage, which protect food items from pests and help you organize your refrigerator and cupboards.

The best potato peeler

A small and simple utensil many housewives swear to. Extremely sharp serrated blade peels everything from a tomato to pineapple.

Food dehydrator 

Status’s fruit, vegetable, and herb dehydrator has a metallic housing which is energy-efficient and helps you make tasty but healthy snacks for your family from fruit rolls to beef jerky.

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