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Storage Using Electricity

Vacuum packing food prolongs the shelf life of food and prevents the loss of its quality. Smart food storage results in less discarded food and saving up to 325 € per year. Invest in a vacuum sealer that best suits your needs and enjoy all the advantages vacuum packing offers.

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A 2016 European Commission study showed that the average European throws away up to 92 kg of food each year. This amounts to as much as 325 € a year. Do you want to save time and money on shopping, help preserve nature, and eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, but won’t compromise when it comes to taste? Then vacuum pack!

What is vacuum food storage?

Vacuuming removes air (oxygen), which is the main diet of bacteria, which causes our food to go bad. Vacuum packing slows or even prevents rot and mould as well as the loss of aroma and vitamins. Vacuum packing extends food shelf life and freshness in a natural way, without additives, preservatives, or any other (harmful) supplements.

Vacuum storage is appropriate for all kinds of food – from fruits and vegetables to fresh and dried meat and also nuts and non-food items. For best results, we recommend Status’ vacuum bags.

Vacuum packing at home

Vacuum is therefore empty space without air, which you can make in vacuum containers or vacuum bags using vacuuming machines or manual vacuum pumps. You can vacuum store most everything in your refrigerator or freezer and ensure that your food will not spoil.

Which vacuuming machine is best?

For long-term storage, choose the vacuum sealer model that best fits your needs. Our guide to selecting the appropriate vacuum sealer should prove helpful. Also, pay attention to the thickness and composition of vacuum bags. Foodstuffs, vacuum-sealed in Status vacuum bags will preserve the same taste and appearance as the day you stored them for as long as half a year.

Storing zucchini?

Do you find yourself daydreaming in winter about fresh cherries that abounded in the garden in the summer? Or zucchini, carrots, and string beans …  Take advantage of the summer gifts of nature, vacuum pack them, and freeze them. Then bring back the summer in the thick of winter with delicious fruitcake and casserole abounding in vitamins.

Vacuum packing food to make space in the freezer

Your chest freezer will also be better organized. Since packets can be stacked on top of each other, vacuum-packed food takes up less space. The food is stored in see-through bags, which will make it easier for you to find what you’re looking for so that you won’t have to hold your freezer open needlessly.

No unpleasant smells in your freezer

What about the unpleasant odours spreading in your freezer and refrigerator? The vacuum bag is like a wall protecting against odours. The aromas of vacuum stored foods are conserved in the bag, which is why your freezer won’t smell of mushrooms. Foods in vacuum bags will also be kept from adopting smells of other foods in your freezer.

What to do with the leftovers?

For short-term food storage, we recommend vacuum containers or vacuum jugs with our universal Status sealing lids. Vacuum stored in Status vacuum containers, Sunday lunch leftovers can also make excellent Tuesday snacks. Our vacuum-packing accessories are made from high-quality food-grade BPA free materials, which don’t adopt the colours or aromas of the stored foods. You can vacuum pack them containers using manual pumps or special attachments on vacuum-sealing machines.

Vacuum storing saves time and money

Aside from saving you money because less of your food will spoil and get thrown out, vacuuming will also save the time and money you’d spend on grocery shopping. Vacuum packing enables you to buy foods while they are in season or on sale and vacuum store them for later. Even in the thick of winter, you can enjoy summer vitamin reserves. Also, save by buying food in larger and more reasonably priced packaging, then vacuum pack it in smaller portions and store it for future meals.

Vacuum storing for a healthy diet

Would you like to eat healthier and consume more fruits and vegetables? Vacuum storage prevents foods from oxidizing, which means that vitamins and minerals are better preserved. Pack mixed lettuce or fruit in a Status vacuum container and enjoy healthy snacks at work, school, or on a trip. You won’t have to snack on oxidized browned apples or wilted lettuce, even if you’ve sliced them the night before.

Sous-vide cooking

Sous-vide cooking allows the food to cook in its own juices with a precisely defined quantity of herbs. All the inherent food vitamins and minerals will remain in the food and emphasise its natural taste. The food is healthier, softer, and tastier. Cooking inside vacuum bags is also a smart solution for people suffering from allergies; because foodstuffs are stored impermeably they don’t come in contact with unwanted allergens. Take care to choose quality vacuum bags, which should be thick enough for cooking and made from materials suitable to come in contact with foodstuffs.

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Storage Without Using Electricity

Store foodstuffs with Status's vacuum accessories that ensure prolonged freshness and an organised kitchen. You can even use them on the go with handy manual vacuum pump. All the accessories are made of high quality materials that are safe to use with food and ensure longtime use.

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When hearing the phrase ‘vacuum storage’, most people think about vacuum packing freshly cut meats and dry sausages; however, vacuum is suitable for much more than just long-term preservation of dried meats or freezing meat products. Take advantage of the benefits of vacuum in everyday life – preserving large quantities of groceries or leftovers, prolonging the shelf life of wines, and keeping unwanted odours from spreading inside your refrigerator.

Does vacuum storing save me money?

Status has a solution for most all of your refrigerator content. From gherkins to cheeses and salami, leftover wine and juice, to sauces and salads leftover from lunch. Vacuum appliances will keep you from throwing away nearly half of your pickled peppers while your open bottle of wine will be as excellent in a week’s time as it was on the day you opened it.

Nutritional values are much better preserved in vacuum because it stops oxidation and the development of bacteria. Not only do vacuum-packed foods retain more vitamins and minerals, but the shelf life of the foods is also up to four times longer. Fewer spoiled dishes result in less food being thrown out. Our vacuum appliances will reduce the spoiling of your food considerably and save you as much as 325 € a year.

Vacuum storing is simple

All you need to vacuum pack at home is a vacuum pump and a suitable lid. A few thrusts will remove the oxygen that the bacteria need to develop. This will prevent foods and beverages from spoiling and so extend their shelf life and improve their quality.

What to do with leftovers?

Do you also sometimes find that large family meals leave you with a fridge full of leftovers from your carefully prepared meals, open food packets, and bottles of beverages? With status’s vacuum accessories, you can simply and safely store them for a day, two, or three.

Take care of your food in the refrigerator and prevent spoilage. Vacuum pack and save time and money. Use vacuum containers as lunch bags or for transporting homemade meals to the workplace.

Where to store the different foods in your refrigerator?

Leftovers from lunch can be stored in plastic or glass vacuum containers. You can choose a range of different sizes, volumes, and colours. Use drip trays and dividers to separate different, wet and dry, food items. Or make yourself a snack for work healthier than a sandwich from the vending machine. You can pack leftovers from lunch and lettuce, or a sandwich and apple in the same container.

With the Universal vacuum lid, you can store food in the same pot you cooked it in. No need to pour your food elsewhere or look for an appropriately sized receptacle.  Vacuum packing will also prevent various odours from spreading in your fridge. Peaches with an onion aroma – yuck!

With our universal vacuum pins, leftover pickled vegetables and compotes in glass screw-top jars can be vacuum-packed right in their original containers. Pierce the lid with the included spike attachment; insert the vacuum pin and drain the air using the manual vacuum pump. Repeat the vacuuming procedure as many times as needed until you’ve finished all the food inside.

How to store wine?

Even after the best parties, there’s a half-empty (or full) bottle of wine or juice leftover. With vacuum stoppers, you can save it for next week, when the impressions from the party will have faded. This will extend the use-by date and preserve the quality of the stored liquids because vacuum prevents oxidation and mould from developing. This is why vacuum stoppers are also ideal for storing vinegar.

Make your own vacuum container

The “Status Kliki” product family is particularly handy and simple to use. You can also use these products on trips or at holiday lodgings, because they are small and versatile. You can create vacuum in any air-tight bag (Status Kliki Fresh Click), polypropylene plastic container, or jar with an aluminium lid (Status Kliki Universal Pin).

Vacuum storing is the right choice for any household!

Whether you live in a single-member household or have a large family, Status vacuum appliances are suitable for everyone who wants to reduce the quantity of food they throw away and chooses to eat better and tastier food. Vacuum storing prolongs food shelf life and preserves vitamins and aroma, all this in a natural way, simply by removing oxygen. Ensure your nearest and dearest eat healthily. Vacuuming is suitable for all foodstuffs in your refrigerator. We have a solution for almost any packaging type: glass screw-top jars, bottles, plastic containers, and bags. As for any other groceries, you can simply transfer them into vacuum containers of appropriate sizes. Status vacuum accessories are simple to use and don’t even need electricity to work efficiently. Take them with you on holiday or a weekend retreat; they won’t take up much space, while you’ll be grateful for all the money and effort you’ll save yourself.

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