About Status

Status d. o. o. Metlika is a family company and was founded in 1995 after 15 years of experience in stand-alone business activity. We plan and manage the entire life cycle of our products – planning, designing, manufacture, marketing communications, sales and service centre.

We combine knowledge from the fields of engineering, technology, quality assurance, design, economics, communication and entrepreneurship. It is our diverse approach that leads us to success.

We are very proud of our world wide distribution and business partnerships in 40 countries around the world – from USA along Europe to Australia and New Zealand.

We Aspire to Be Socially Responsible

We are aware of an important role we have as a successful company in a small local community. We try to help the best we can, especially voluntary organisations which are entirely dependant on sponsorship and donations. We help financially and materially in the realisation of cultural, social and sports events.

With these actions we want to show our users that we care for people and in this way we also contribute to the development of the region. Our employees feel like they are a part of a socially responsible company.

Environmentally Friendly

We use only the best quality materials for the production of our products, what gives them long life span and durability. Products can be recycled after their usability or used for other purposes.

Status is a member of ZEOS group (company handling electrical and electronic waste). We separately collect waste arising from manufacture, recycle what we are able to and reuse recycled materials for other purposes.otroci pritiskajo stiskalnico Green Press

Kids are learning about recycling from early age with the help of our Green Press Plastic Bottle and Can Crusher.