Status's Daily Life

Fun times with Status team!

Status team: “We work hard, but we also like to have fun!”

In Status’s 27 years of existence, certain traditions have formed that we have been practicing for years. We believe they bring us together and we form a great team of employees that can solve any problem. 

ciljanje tarče
Fun games that base on trust develop good relationships of the Status team. The result can also be seen when solving a professional issue.

Here are some of the more prominent “gatherings” of Status employees:

  • Morning coffee and coffee at 13:00
  • Summer picnic
  • New Year’s celebration
  • St. Nicola and donuts for Slovenian traditional Carnival Pust

Morning coffee and coffee at 13:00

Sometimes the biggest coffee lovers already stand in line at 7:05 and wait until secretary Marica pours coffee in cups. Then the debate starts – Mondays are usually sleepy and we mostly talk about the Weekend, while dreaming about distant Friday. On » Little Friday«, as we renamed Thursday, and Friday our spirits are high from early mornings on. Girls stay quiet on Wednesdays and Thursdays and let the boys talk about the most prominent moments of the UEFA Champions League and other sports events. And the weather is talked about every day.

Coffee is a gathering where marketing, development, accountant, sales, logistics, and supply departments sit down with the director and also talk about more formal business subjects. While the workers from the assembly department take a break in the fresh air.

Summer picnic

On the day of the summer picnic, we come to work wearing sports clothes because fun activities are planned for us later. We turn our computers off at 1 pm and head to a picnic location which is usually in our beautiful region Bela krajina near Kolpa river. Our co-workers Matjaž and Robi are already there heating the barbecue and making sure we have enough energy for competitive games. We start the picnic with a tasty barbecue and by handing out practical presents for employees (deck chairs, T-shirts, pullovers, hats, cooling bags, hammocks, etc.).

žar mojstra
Status’s warehouse men and barbecue chefs, Robi and Matjaž.
vlečenje vrvi
A nutritious feast is necessary, because “tough” activities are ahead.

On some latest picnics, we transformed into Native Americans, went treasure hunting, played old shepherds games, and built cardboard boats. Such activities are an opportunity for connecting employees that don’t work together on a daily basis. It’s a fun way of team building that brings us closer together and is a reminder that for faster and more efficient problem solving we need to come together and resolve the issue by also listening to others with different expertise.

statusovci skupaj rešujejo težave
Together we can overcome all obstacles! Status’s employees time and time again show they are the best team.

We also invite our retired co-workers to the picnic and the New Year’s party. Together we reminisce about the old working days.

New Year’s party

The last working day before the winter holidays we enjoy in a festive dinner and fun games. We express our creativity by transforming our assembly department into a festive hall. After a good meal and a walk down memory lane (a quick resume of the business year), we relax by playing different games; table football, table tennis, darts, and express our singing talent through karaoke. While the first years we feared nobody would be brave enough to take the mic, now we know the real problem is we have too many candidates.

svečana večerja
Can you guess how we made the festive white backgrounds?
Statusovci igrajo namizni nogomet in namizni tenis
Fun games bring together different skills and victory is guaranteed –  when playing fun games and when resolving business issues.

A letter to St. Nicolas, Carnival donuts, roses for International Women’s day, birthday lunches, …

Our December (6th of December) tradition is to write a letter to St. Nicolas with a resume of our business achievements of the last year. He rewards us with a full basket of sweet and salty snacks we enjoy on our coffee breaks. We celebrate Carnival (in February or March) with homemade donuts. For International Women’s day co-worker Igor surprises all the ladies with a red rose. Birthdays are celebrated with a sweet or savory snack during our coffee break and the birthday boy/ girl gets a fun surprise like an office full of confetti and balloons.

košara s sladkarijami
What do you think, how long does it take us to go through this much of candy?
pustni krofi
Status employees have a sweet tooth so we don’t have any experience with vacuum packing leftover donuts.