Why Choose Status?

Have you often found yourself in a dilemma about which brand of vacuum sealer to choose? Were you tempted by the low price of vacuum sealers and vacuum rolls in discount stores? If you demand quality, then the right choice is an EU-made product! Check out our answers to the question “Why Status?”

Why Status: Made in Slovenia, EU

90 % of Status products are developed and made in the EU, specifically in Slovenia. What does this mean for you? It means that the process has high-quality standards and controlled production, ensuring that you receive a flawless product.

The diligent hands of our employees who assemble the vacuum sealers are precise. Our coworkers are driven by the thought that the vacuum sealer they are assembling could be bought by a neighbor, a friend, or a relative. That’s why they work as diligently as if they were producing it for themselves.

As unusual as it may seem, the fact that they don’t have strict norms pushing them like employees in other companies, is certainly another factor for a good result. Our emphasis is on precision and a well-made final product. Before packaging, each vacuum sealer is tested to ensure its perfect functioning.

assembling the Status Vacuum Sealer
Status vacuum sealers are meticulously assembled by hand and undergo thorough testing by our dedicated team to ensure their flawless performance.

Why Status: 28 years of development

Status is not a rising star. We are an experienced player in the Slovenian and international markets. Throughout these 28 years of operation, we have all learned a great deal, conducted research and development, and extensively tested numerous prototypes and products from other manufacturers. As a result, we have become true experts in vacuum storage. We have extensive knowledge about materials and designs suitable for vacuum sealing. We have created an innovative solution to prevent liquid from being drawn into vacuum sealers. Our vacuum bags have a meticulously designed ribbed profile that is crucial for their quality.

Why choose Status vacuum bags: Top-quality vacuum bags

The vacuum bags, which have undergone numerous tests and improvements over the years, are undoubtedly the best on the market. They are completely airtight because even a small amount of air passing through the bag could affect the quality of the food. This is a common issue with most other vacuum bags found on store shelves. Do you know what’s even better? If you already have a vacuum sealer at home that’s working well for you and you don’t want to replace it, you can still achieve the best storage results with Status vacuum bags. Their quality is reflected in their compatibility with all leading brand vacuum sealers in the market.

Status vacuum bags production
The shape of the ribbed profile in vacuum bags is not to be underestimated as it plays a crucial role in the vacuum packing process.


Did you know that we wouldn’t need to have a warranty for non-electrical products? And yet, we have a 3-year warranty. Why? Because we believe in the quality of all our products. A 2-year warranty is legally mandatory for electrical devices, which you can claim for our vacuum sealers, electric pumps, Sous Vide cooker, and dehydrator. However, we have gone above and beyond by offering an extended, 3-year warranty for our newest vacuum sealers Home 280 and Solid 300, and a 5-year warranty for our Professional Vacuum Sealer Provac 360.

Chances are, you won’t need to make use of the warranty because our production process is so refined that any product—whether it’s a vacuum sealer, vacuum container, slicer, or grinder—will continue to function flawlessly even after the warranty period has expired.

Service and customer support

We differentiate ourselves from many foreign companies by being available to you even after the purchase. We are here for you, even over the phone, when quick advice or assistance is needed to resolve any issues. Do you find the operation of a vacuum sealer to be science fiction? Many of us struggle initially when we don’t know how to use the device, even if the instructions are very detailed. Call our sales representatives, who will guide you through the entire process over the phone. In the end, you will realize that using it is really simple. With a call to our number 00386 73691 230, we have resolved many issues in the past, especially when the reason for a malfunctioning appliance was simply improper bag placement. In case anything happens after the warranty period expires, don’t discard the product! Instead, give us a call, and we will find a solution together. Perhaps we can replace a part or repair the item, ensuring that your appliance will continue to function for the next 10 years!

Do you already own any of Status’s products? Let us know how it has performed in your kitchen.