New: Gastro Vacuum Containers and Gastronorm Vacuum Lids

In the year 2017, Status launched its first Professional Vacuum Packing Machine Provac 360 and by that, we entered the HoReCa segment for commercial customers like restaurant owners, hoteliers, and other producers of food products. As an upgrade of our Gastro segment we now also present Gastro Vacuum Containers with Gastro Electric Vacuum Pump, Gastro Wine Stoppers, and Gastronorm Vacuum Lids.  

gastro vakuumske posode različnih volumnov z živili
Vacuum containers for professional use were developed for demanding users in the hospitality segment where profit is made by the smart use of food ingredients.

How do vacuum accessories help with making more profit?

Professional food storage containers work the same as our household containers. Vacuum connoisseurs already know that the most important advantage of storing foods in vacuum are money savings due to less discarded food and eating foods with better nutritional values, because the removal of air out of the container prolongs food’s shelf life and freshness.

Vacuum packing prolongs the shelf life up to 4-times and protects the aromas and nutritional values of food. You will serve your guests only top-quality food and you won’t lose profit because of spoiled food. Vacuum also prevents contamination and mixing of the aromas in the refrigerator.

Who is Gastro Vacuum Containers made for?

Professional vacuum containers work well in all commercial kitchens – hotels and motels, restaurants and taverns, bars and inns, and also caterings. You can use them for food preparation as well as storing leftovers. All the containers have the same length and width (22, 5 x 22, 5 cm), which means the same lid fits all containers. No more searching for the right lid. The container’s well thought designs enable you to stack them when full and nest them inside each other when empty.

Upgrading your current gastronorm pans to vacuum containers for storing food

Gastronorm Vacuum Lids were developed to fit widely used stainless steel gastronorm pans. Status’s Vacuum Lids are a one-time investment that will deter you away from using single-use stretch foil which is so bad for the environment.

When developing gastro vacuum accessories we had a complex work process of professional kitchens in mind

Status’s vacuum containers and gastronorm lids are made of completely see-through material Tritan, which enables an easy overview of the pantry and refrigerating chamber and also results in fewer unnecessary openings of the food containers and fewer risks of food would go bad or getting contaminated.

Gastro Vacuum Containers have liter and quart marks so you can easily see your stocks and even mix the ingredients by recipes. The corners of the food containers are rounded to prevent spilling and dripping. 

Tritan is a durable and unbreakable material that guarantees longevity of use in professional kitchens in spite of demanding conditions. Gastronorm lids and gastro containers can be used in the refrigerator and freezer. You can wash them in professional dishwashers.

Professional vacuum pump

For fast and reliable vacuum sealing big volumes, we developed Gastro Electric Vacuum Pump with two one-piston pumps. Even the biggest volumes are vacuum-packed in a few seconds by pressing one button.

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