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Solid 300 Semi-professional Vacuum Packing Machine

Solid 300 is perfect for smaller professional kitchens. The machine has professional features but is smaller in size compared to gastro machines. Compatible with all Status vacuum accessories. Developed and produced in Slovenia, EU.

  • Distributors in 40 countries around the World.
  • Made for a lifetime.
Liquid Sensor
Easy to Use
Double Pump
Long-Term Food Storage
Vacuum Pressure -800 mbar


Up to 5 years of warranty.


Save more than 300 € per year.


Food stays fresher up to 4 times longer.


90 % of products are made in Slovenia, EU.


Sold in 40 countries around the World.


Solid 300 is a Semi-professional Vacuum Packing Machine for smaller producers or start-ups and hospitality kitchens. It is ideal if you are looking for an advanced vacuum sealer but don’t have much space. Let’s check all the features.

Automatic Vacuum Packing Function

Solid 300 has a double-piston pump with a pump volume of 22 liters per minute. Using an automatic vacuum packing function for dry and solid foods, you will vacuum pack and seal the bag in a couple of seconds.
Automatic function (Auto) is used for vacuum packing dry meat products, hard cheeses, nuts, dry fruit, and alike at up to -800 mbar.

See more in the video user manual.

Manual Pulse Function

Pulse function (Pulse) is used for vacuum packing moist and delicate food items like soft cheeses, fresh meat, juicy fruits, blanched vegetables, and bakery goods.
Pulse vacuum enables you to gradually add vacuum in the bag before the machine starts sucking in liquid or before the food gets crushed.

A liquid trap with a sensor protects the machine from absorbing liquid from food. If liquid gets sucked in, stop the machine, empty the liquid trap, dry it, and you can continue with work.

Status Solid 300 vacuum sealer
Semi-professional Vacuum Packing Machine Solid 300 is ideal for the most demanding households and start-ups producing cured meat and cheese delicacies, fish products, and similar.

Vacuum Sealing Containers

Vacuum packing machine Solid 300 is compatible with all Status’ vacuum accessories: vacuum containers, universal vacuum lids, vacuum jug, gastro vacuum containers, and GN vacuum lids.
The vacuum function Container automatically vacuum seals the accessories at the pre-set vacuum. Use vacuum containers for storing soups, sauces, and alike.

Advanced Function For Fast Marinating

Following the model of Status Professional Vacuum Packing Machine Provac 360, Solid 300 has a dedicated function for marinating. Five cycles of vacuuming and releasing vacuum substitute overnight marination. Aromas and flavours penetrate deep into the meat and fish for superior flavor. The Marinator function is compatible with the Provac Marinator set.

User-friendly solutions for a fast and efficient work process

Solid 300 has an integrated compartment for foil roll and a built-in foil-cutting blade. Making bags out of foil rolls is therefore easy and accurate.
The starter set includes Status Stiki double-sided sticky tape for easier bag placement into the vacuum channel.

Status solid 300 vacum sealer
With an integrated knife and foil roll compartment it is user-friendly and enables efficient food storage.

Double pump with strong pump volume

Solid 300 generates a vacuum pressure of up to -800 mbar with its double pump and pump volume of 22 liters per minute. Your precious foods will be safely stored for long-term keeping.

Vacuum packing larger cuts of meat

Solid 300 has a wider vacuum channel and sealing bar. You can use vacuum bags wide up to 300 mm. We recommend Status vacuum bags and foil rolls which are made of top quality materials and are 120 μm thick with at least 0,2 mm ribbed profile.

Status food vacuum bags
Status vacuum bags and foils are amongst the best on the market. Their thickness, combination of materials, and ribbed profile guarantee vacuum process without difficulties. Even when you vacuum seal 50 bags in a row.

Double seal for additional safety

Solid 300 has a double sealing bar with a variable sealing cycle. Bags are safely sealed and are ready for long-term storage or transportation.


A 2-year warranty applies to this product.

Solid 300 is developed and produced in Slovenia, EU.

The set includes

1x foil roll 200 x 1500 mm, 1x foil roll 280 x 1500 mm, 3x vacuum bags 200 x 280 mm, 3x vacuum bags 280 x 360 mm, a foil cutting blade, an attachment for vacuum packing containers and universal vacuum lids, and double-sided Status Stiki adhesive tape.

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Additional information

Vacuum pump


-800 mbar

Pump volume


230 V AC

Vacuum channel length

300 mm

Built-in foil cutting blade


Foil roll compartment



416 mm


265 mm


118 mm

Channel for blade



White, Silver – Grey

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