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Professional Vacuum Packing Machine Provac 360

Professional Vacuum Packing Machine Provac 360 is Status’s first professional vacuum packing machine. If you’re in the food production business dealing with cheeses, dried meats, baked goods, or the like you need a powerful vacuum-packing machine that will enable you to pack large quantities of food daily. Provac boasts exceptional power, speed, and innovative solutions for easier use while the machine’s quality is guaranteed by no less than 5 years of warranty.

  • Distributors in 40 countries around the World.
  • Made for a lifetime.
High Quality Materials
Liquid Sensor
Double Pump
Long-Term Food Storage
Vacuum Pressure -900 mbar


Up to 5 years of warranty.


Save more than 300 € per year.


Food stays fresher up to 4 times longer.


90 % of products are made in Slovenia, EU.


Sold in 40 countries around the World.


Are you looking for a way to present your product as professionally as possible? While at the same time ensuring the packaging will be suitable for transport and storing. Do you need a vacuum sealer that is powerful enough for professional use but remains user-friendly? And is suitable for packing larger quantities of food simultaneously?

If you’re a cheese maker, butcher, sausage maker, hunter, or fisherman you’ll find your solution is the Status’s Provac 360 Vacuum Packing Machine.

It is designed precisely to fit the needs of the more demanding users, who store larger quantities of foods daily and don’t compromise on their quality.

Vacuuming your way to larger profits

Vacuum-stored foods are safe from oxidation. This means there is no oxygen, which would enable bacteria to develop. The food stays fresh longer and does not spoil or get moldy. This is particularly important when you are keeping larger amounts of food supplies in cold storage and when your profits depend on how well you make use of them.

Professional Vacuum Packing Machine 360: high-quality packaging of your final products

Storing quality is just as important when you’re packaging your end products. The demand on the market is unpredictable and it could easily happen that sales would be slow for a week or so. Vacuum-sealed products will stay intact and easily wait a week or more for the next shopper.

vacuum packed wheel of cheese
Vacuum-packed cheese is safe for transport and sales.

The Provac vacuum-packing machine is suitable for packing all kinds of foods  

No matter if you make delicate products or dried meat products, the Professional Vacuum Packing Machine Provac 360 provides dedicated functions for foodstuffs of various sensitivities.

Use the automatic vacuum packing mode to pack compact foods such as hard cheeses, sausages, prosciutto, nuts, etc. With a single press of a button, the food will be vacuum stored and sealed in the vacuum bag.

The manual pulse-vacuum function is suitable for wet and soft foods such as mushrooms, fresh meat, fish, fruits, and vegetables. The vacuum packer will suction off the air for as long as you’re pressing the button and stop when you let go. This way you have precise control over how much air is evacuated and can prevent the soft foods from getting squeezed too much. Provac 360 also has a sensor and safety liquid trap, which stops liquids from getting into the motor area. The Liquid Trap control light will alert you to any liquids getting in the machine.

professional vacuum packing machine Provac 360 with vacuum-packed foodstuffs
25 years of experience in the field of vacuum packing appliances and our customers’ wishes combined to create a powerful vacuum-packing and foil-sealing machine, which is further distinguished by select patented innovations.

Simpler vacuum packing

A special handle allows you to simply lock the vacuum packing machine and so keep both your hands-free during the packaging process. Our Status Smart Open/Lock automatic opening and closing lid system is in the process of the patent application.

Vacuum packing liquids

The Status Provac food vacuum packing machine also provides the option to vacuum Status vacuum accessories. A special attachment enables you to vacuum pack foodstuffs and liquids in vacuum containers, vacuum jugs, or professional vacuum containers and gastronorm pans closed with Status gastronorm vacuum lids. When the machine reaches the appropriate negative pressure in the container, it automatically stops the vacuuming process.

Fast marinating in vacuum

To quickly marinate food, use the 18-minute Provac Marinator automatic marinating programme. Vacuum enables the marinade to quickly penetrate the pores of the foods. That is why a mere five cycles of inducing and releasing the vacuum will be enough. The marinating attachment and container are not included in our comprehensive set and need to be purchased separately at one of our authorized dealers.

A vacuum-packing machine with an exceptionally powerful pump 

The double piston pump with an extraction volume of 30 l/min ensures faster operation, which is vital when you need to pack larger quantities of products one after the other. It takes mere seconds to reach up to -900 mbar of evacuated pressure. Vacuum packing cheeses has never been this fast and simple! Even though the pump is exceptionally powerful, the motor is not deafening.

Professional vacuum packing machine Provac 360 smart sealing strip
Provac 360 – patent-pending user-friendly features: Smart Seal System, Status Stiki, Smart Open/Lock System, and many more …

Smart sealing strip

The machine automatically adjusts the sealing process based on the temperature of the sealing mechanism. When vacuum packing large amounts of food in sequence, the Status Smart Seal System double sealing strip with active temperature adjustment allows the machine to spend decreasingly less time on sealing and so use ever less electricity. The double seal ensures the bags are tightly sealed and therefore ready even for demanding transport.

Vacuum packing large cuts of meat

Status Provac has a longer vacuum channel and sealing strip than other machines, as much as 36 cm (14,2 inches) instead of 28 cm (11 inches). What this means for you is that you can vacuum pack an entire pork chop or a whole chicken in vacuum bags measuring up to 35 cm (13,8 inches) in width or several bags at a time. This will allow you to pack up to three cured sausages at a time.

Hands-free vacuum packing

Use our reusable Status Stiki double-sided adhesive tape to place the vacuum bag in the vacuum channel more easily. It will keep the bags in place and your hands free as well as reduce the unused surface at the top of the bags. For proper positioning of the adhesive tape refer to the instructions.

Why choose a professional vacuum packing machine Provac 360?

The Provac 360 vacuum sealer is the ideal choice for food production facilities, professional kitchens, as well as all who vacuum pack larger amounts of food daily. The exceptionally strong motor and a selection of functions for vacuum storing different types of food guarantee faster and high-quality vacuum packing of your carefully made treats. All while ensuring they will be ready for storing, transporting, and selling. They will await their buyer in suitable condition without changing their taste, smell, or appearance.

Dual sealing strip for extra protection of your vacuum packed food.

Automatic door opening when automatic vacuuming and sealing cycle is completed.

Before first use apply Status Stiki according to its user manual.

professional vacuum packing machine
Stiki will help you during vacuum packing foods.
Start the vacuum packing process by choosing the appropriate mode – AUTO or MANUAL.
Use auto mode to vacuum pack solid and firm foodstuffs (cured meat products, hard cheeses).
  • Place the foodstuff into a bag. The bag should always be approx. 5 cm longer than the length of the foodstuff, which is to be vacuum packed.
  • Position the bag between the sealing gaskets; the position marker in the vacuum channel delineates where to position the bag.
  • Use the Status Stiki tape to ensure that the bag remains in the correct place and without creases.
  • The handle on the lid should be in the Unlock position.
  • Hold the grip on the lid, lower the lid and hold it in place for a few seconds. The machine will start automatically.
  • The foodstuff in the bag is now vacuum packed and sealed with a double seal. The lid will lift automatically.
  • Detach the bag from the Status Stiki double-sided adhesive tape.
Use manual mode for vacuum packing delicate and moist foodstuffs (fresh meat, fish, vegetables, fruit, cakes, soft cheeses).
  • Press MANUAL mode button.
  • Place the foodstuff into a bag. The bag should always be app. 5 cm longer than the length of the foodstuff, which is to be vacuum packed.
  • Place the bag between the gaskets all the way to the barrier in the middle of the vacuum channel (use the Status Stiki self-adhesive tape to ensure the bag will remain in the correct position).
  • Take the lid by the grip, close the lid, and move the handle on the lid in the LOCK position.
  • Vacuum pack by pressing and holding the Pulse Vac button. (When you hold “Pulse Vac” down the vacuum pump is running, when you release the button the operation stops.) Finish the process by pressing the Seal button (the SEAL light turns on).
  • When the sealing process is concluded (the Seal light turns off), unlock the machine using the handle (Unlock) and the lid open automatically.
vacuum packing fish
Pulse Vac is very accurate – the pumping stops at the exact second you release the button.
Vacuum sealing of vacuum containers and lids

A tube with an attachment for the vacuum sealing of Status vacuum packing accessories (containers, lids, jug, and stoppers) is included in the set.

  • Connect the aperture of the tube to the attachment located on the extreme left edge of the vacuum channel.
  • Slide the attachment at the other end of the tube onto the valve of the chosen vacuum container (the valve is the round part at the centre of the lid).
  • Press Container. Once the pre-set negative pressure is achieved inside the container, the process ends automatically.


Rich starter kit

with attachment for vacuum packing containers.


Vacuum bags

5 vacuum bags 200 x 280 mm and 5 vacuum bags 120 x 550 mm.


Foil rolls

Foil roll 280 x 3000 mm and 350 x 3000 mm.


Double-sided sticky tape Status Stiki

For easier bag placement during vacuuming.


Foil cutting blade

Special blade for cutting foil.

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Additional information

Vacuum pump

Pump volume


-900 mbar

Vacuum channel length

360 mm


510 mm


288 mm


137 mm


230 V AC


grey and silver

Channel for blade


Foil roll compartment


Built-in foil cutting blade


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