5 foods you need to store in vacuum

It is a known fact that vacuum prolongs the shelf life of food, whether you store it in food vacuum containers or food vacuum bags. By vacuuming you eliminate the air with oxygen, which is the main cause of oxidation and food spoilage. See which 5 foods you absolutely need to store in vacuum:


solata v vakuumski posodi
All kinds of leafy salads

Cleaning lettuce before dinner can be annoying, right? Of course, you could do it while the rice cooks or while the meat is cooking … But why would you if it could be so much easier? Clean and cut the vegetables and pack them in a vacuum container with a drip tray which will enable excess water to drain. Start your week by prepping all kinds of vegetables and prepare your meals in a few minutes during the busy week.

Even mixed salads and potato salad will stay fresher and tastier longer in vacuum.


vakuumiranje sirov Provac 360
Dried meat products and ripe cheeses

Meat producers usually store their dried meat delicacies in cellars. If they contain too much moisture the dried meat will get mouldy and if the rooms are too dry they will dry out. The same issues occur with cheese storage. To prevent the spoilage and loss of quality of your products vacuum pack them in food vacuum bags to protect them from external influences. Cured sausages will remain the same for a few months in quality vacuum bags.


vakuumiranje govedine
Fresh meat for freezing

Fresh meat consists of a larger percent of moisture therefore it is very sensitive to freezing and thawing. If you pack it in permeable food bags, moisture evaporates and the surface of the food dries out. Oxygen penetrates through pores and the process of oxidation starts and leads to freezer burn and the rancid taste of fatty parts. You can avoid all that by packing fresh meat into impermeable Status food vacuum bags. At the same time, you prevent the mixing of odours and the formulation of ice crystals on the walls of freezer.

  • NUTS

vakuumiranje orehov
Chestnuts and other nuts

All nuts have a lot of fat which can turn rancid when improperly stored for longer period of time. Rancid nuts have an unpleasant taste and aroma which can affect the whole dish. To prevent oxidation of fat, store chestnuts, hazelnuts and other nuts in food vacuum bags. They will prolong nuts’ shelf life.

  • WINE

vakuumski zamaški za vino
White and red wine

Yes, even wine needs to be stored in vacuum if you don’t drink an entire bottle at once. Want to know why? In an opened bottle wine is exposed to oxidation which results in a change of colour and aroma and the loss of taste. Unacceptable for true wine lovers!

Status has a solution for each of the 5 foods you need to store in vacuum. You can choose from seven different vacuum sealers and many vacuum bag dimensions. Store salad in vacuum containers made of Tritan or borosilicate glass and protect the wine with vacuum bottle stoppers.

Act smart and prevent food spoilage – the solution is vacuum-packing food.