Vacuum packing is cheaper than spoiled food

Vacuum packing food saves you up to 250 € per year

That is correct. An average European throws away approximately 82 kilograms of food per year. Research shows that amounts to 250 € per year. Amongst the most common reasons for throwing away food are also:

  • poor meal planing,
  • too much prepared food and
  • too much food bought at once.

An the solution? Prolong the shelf life of food in an entirely natural way

Vacuum storage prolongs the freshness of food in an entirely natural way without using any additives that affect the taste or the aroma. By pumping the air out of vacuum bags and containers, you remove the oxygen which would activate unwanted reaction that would result in rancid taste, mould and bacteria growth, loss of flavour, vitamins and aromas. By storing foods in vacuum you slow down the oxidation process and prolong the shelf life of foods and also retain their nutrition.

How to choose the right way of vacuum storage?

We usually adapt the food storage to:

  • the type of food and
  • the duration of storing.

Use food vacuum bags and vacuum sealer for packing firm and dry foods (dried meat products, carrots, nuts) you want to store for longer period of time. Cured sausages, bacon and prosciutto can be stored in cold basement or refrigerator, because vacuum prevents them from maturing and drying. Vacuum packed vegetables needs to be frozen for winter supplies. Vacuum packing in vacuum bags is also useful for some everyday foods (cheese, bread) you store in the refrigerator.

Use Status’s vacuum containers for short term food storage of  pre-prepared lettuce, vegetables and fruits for everyday use and also for vacuum packing liquids like soups and sauces. Pick the appropriate shape and volume of the container according to the food item and remove the air with manual or electric vacuum pump or using special attachment on the vacuum sealer. Storing foods in vacuum container is a great solution for food prepping and saving leftovers. Meals can be frozen and microwaved in the same container (up to two minutes without the lid).

Tastier food and colourful meals

It is clear that the investment in vacuum sealer and vacuum bags returns itself in one year.  

Besides that;

  • Food is tastier and meals are more colourful, because food is fresher longer.
  • Food can be prepared in advanced, because ingredients stored in vacuum won’t loose much of its quality and nutrition.
  • Leftovers can be stored for three or even four days and even frozen.

Save money by investing in quality products

Investment in high quality products pays off!

Status vacuum sealers are developed and produced in Slovenia. The manufacturing is over viewed by experts.

Vacuum bags and foil rolls are amongst the thickest on the market. They are made of high quality, EU certified materials and are food grade.

Plastic vacuum containers are made of resistant and durable tritan, which doesn’t absorb colour and aroma from food. It has a very long life span even if you freeze the containers and wash them in the dishwasher. They are the best choice for any household.

By buying quality products for long term use you protect the environment!