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Small Food Vacuum bags, 200 x 280 mm (7.9” x 11”), 40 pieces

Small Food Vacuum Bags are great for storing locally sourced food such as dried and fresh meats or fruits and vegetables for your winter reserves. Use the thickest bags on the market and ensure that your frozen foodstuffs will preserve the same fullness of taste they had on the day they were packed. Our vacuum bags are made in Slovenia.

  • Distributors in 40 countries around the World.
  • Made for a lifetime.
Freezer Safe
BPA Free
Dishwasher Safe
High Quality Materials
Long-Term Food Storage
Suitable for Sous Vide Cooking
Compatible with all Brands of Vaccum Packing Machines


Up to 5 years of warranty.


Save more than 300 € per year.


Food stays fresher up to 4 times longer.


90 % of products are made in Slovenia, EU.


Sold in 40 countries around the World.


Are you having trouble vacuuming packing? Do your bags simply not hold vacuum even though you are following the vacuum sealer manufacturer’s instructions precisely?  The issue often isn’t the vacuum packing machine but rather bags of insufficient quality.

What’s the difference between ordinary smooth bags and ribbed vacuum packing bags?

To achieve high-quality vacuum packing results, vacuum bags must be made from special materials of appropriate thickness and feature a thick-enough ribbed profile. Ordinary storage bags are only 20 µm thick, resulting in rancid defrosted meat, making the vegetables tasteless or adopting the taste of the freezer.

How do you check the quality of the vacuum bags?

Check the declaration to find the information on the thickness of the bags and their composition. The high-quality foil must be at least 100 µm thick and made from food-grade materials. If you cannot locate the information that way, you can measure the bag’s thickness with calipers. In this video, you can see how the quality of the bags affects the process of vacuum packing.

Status vacuum bags satisfy all the standards of bag quality

Status bags are the result of several years of research and analysis through which we developed the highest-quality product on the market. The smooth layer of the Status vacuum food bags is 100 µm thick while the ribbed layer measures 120 µm. This is professional grade thickness, which guarantees top-of-the-line vacuum packing with all high-quality vacuum sealers on the market. For hassle-free vacuum packing, we recommend you use Status vacuum packing machines and vacuum bags.

What makes a vacuum bag impermeable?

The outer layer of the foil is made from impermeable polyamide. It is as thick as 20 µm. The inner layer of the bags is made from polyethylene (one side measures 80 µm, and the other 100 µm), which is food safe and guarantees that the bags will fuse to a high standard. For a more detailed explanation of our vacuum bag composition refer to the sketch.

Status food vacuum bags
Status vacuum bags and foils are amongst the best on the market. Their thickness, combination of materials, and ribbed profile guarantee vacuum process without difficulties. Even when you vacuum seal 50 bags in a row.

A Slovenian product

The materials used to make our vacuum packing foil are of European origin and its manufacture takes place in Slovenia.

Certificates guarantee that Status vacuum-packing bags are food safe, impermeable, and neutral in taste and smell. What this means for you is that your stored foods will not taste of plastic or smell of the freezer.

Why is the shape of the pattern on the vacuum bags important?

The special shape of the ducts ensures the most effective possible air extraction during the vacuuming process. The height of the profile, which measures 0.2 mm in Status bags, ensures a consistent vacuuming flow. This means your bags will vacuum-pack equally well on their first, thirtieth, and two-hundredth vacuuming cycle.

vacume packed vegetables
Protect the vitamins and minerals of vegetable by storing it in an airtight environment.

How can vacuum storing your foods save you food preparation time?

Slice or cut prosciutto and vacuum pack it. When unannounced guests appear at your door, you’ll have your cold cuts out and ready in no time. Freeze sliced fruit and berries in smaller packets to always have ingredients for a tasty fruit smoothie at hand. Do the same with vegetables and make a delicious and healthy vegetable soup in 30 minutes.

Why vacuum store?

By vacuum packing foods you protect them from spoiling and external effects such as freezer burn and any smells spreading in your freezer. The food item in the vacuum bag is not enveloped in oxygen, which is responsible for the development of bacteria; there is no oxidation, which results in up to four times longer food shelf-life. Fresh meat stays edible for a whole eighteen months rather than the typical six months. The defrosted meat won’t get rancid because professional-grade thickness vacuum bags will protect it from freezer burn.

How to prevent bags from creasing during the vacuuming process?

Status Stiki is a simple accessory that makes it easier to vacuum pack bags and enables maximum utilisation of the bag’s surface. Simply attach the double-sided Stiki adhesive tape to the edge of the vacuum packing machine where it will hold the bag in the correct spot. It will also ensure a straight and unwrinkled seal.

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Weight 511 g
Dimensions 200 × 285 × 25 mm

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