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Onion and Other Vegetable Cutter Mini

Onion and Other Vegetable Cutter Mini is a smaller version of our best-selling Onion Cutter. Use it to quickly dice foods in strips or cubes sized 3 x 3 mm. With one stroke your fruit or vegetable will be diced and collected in the attached receptacle leaving your counter spotless.

  • Distributors in 40 countries around the World.
  • Made for a lifetime.
Very Sharp Blades
High Quality Materials
Easy to Use
For Left- and Right-Handed Users
Innovation Award


Up to 5 years of warranty.


Save more than 300 € per year.


Food stays fresher up to 4 times longer.


90 % of products are made in Slovenia, EU.


Sold in 40 countries around the World.


For more precisely cut fruits and vegetables use the mini version of our onion cutter.

Why do you need a mini onion cutter?

The Onion and Other Vegetable Cutter Mini distinguishes itself by:

  • enabling you to dice food items in evenly-sized pieces with a single gesture;
  • the diced pieces are assembled in a dedicated receptacle keeping the counter clean;
  • the pieces are cut completely evenly to 3 x 3 mm, which is hard to achieve by cutting manually;
  • the cutter disassembles completely for thorough cleaning.
disassembling onion cutter
Disassemble the mini onion chopper for more detailed cleaning.

Dice fruits, vegetables, and other food items for sauces, toppings, and decoration

The mini version of the cutter is suitable for cutting:

  • potatoes, carrots, cucumbers, zucchini, brussels sprouts, button mushrooms …
  • garlic, small onions, olives, capers, pickles, radishes, peppers, etc.;
  • slices of apples, strawberries, peaches, kiwis, and other small fruits;
  • cheese and sausages.

You can store the diced foodstuffs right in the collecting receptacle and cover them with our no. 2 or no. 3 universal vacuum lids.

container for onion dicer
The kitchen counter stays completely clean after using the onion slicer because the food items fall directly into the attached container.


The mini onion slicer is made of ABS plastic, which is durable, shock-resistant, lightly shiny, and elastic. The collecting receptacle is made of Tritan (the same material as our vacuum containers), and the blades are made of stainless steel. All materials are food safe.

Maintenance and cleaning

All parts of the cutter can be washed by hand or in a dishwasher, though it is recommended to clean the top component by hand to preserve blade integrity. Before cleaning, disassemble the cutter into four parts and wash them. Wait until they dry well then reassemble again.

The quality of Status’s products is backed up with 3-year warranty.

  • Open the cutter and place the food item to be cut on the round middle part.
  • Firmly press onto the top part of the cutter with both hands to cut the food item.
  • Turn the cutter around and unwind the container with cut food. You are done!
rezanje čebule z rezalnikom čebule mini
Use both hands to push on the top of the onion chopper.

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