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Status Kliki Universal Vacuum Pins, 11-piece set

Status Kliki Vacuum Pins are intended for extending the shelf life of foodstuffs in glass mason jars: jams, pickled vegetables, canned fruits, etc. Use our pump to create vacuum in the jars and extend food shelf life 4x. Simple and reusable.

  • Distributors in 40 countries around the World.
  • Made for a lifetime.
Dishwasher Safe
Easy to Use
Patent Pending


Up to 5 years of warranty.


Save more than 300 € per year.


Food stays fresher up to 4 times longer.


90 % of products are made in Slovenia, EU.


Sold in 40 countries around the World.


Does a jar of jam or pickles often hide in your refrigerator only for mould to welcome you when you open it? Did you know that vacuum packing is a completely natural way to slow down the development of mould and spoiling of your food? Use Universal Vacuum Pins to prolong the shelf life of pickled foods up to 4 times.

Vacuum packing your way to savings

Vacuum packing is the most natural way to extend the shelf life of all sorts of foodstuffs. The only thing you’ll change with vacuum packing is the environment in which the food items are stored. Vacuum is space without oxygen, an element necessary for the development of bacteria and mould, the two reasons for food spoiling and losing nutritional value. By extracting most of the oxygen, you slow down oxidation making your food last and stay fresh 4x longer. What this means for you is more time in which to use up the foodstuffs and less thrown-away food. This amounts to saving quite a few € each month. Furthermore, smells don’t travel in vacuum, so your refrigerator won’t adopt any unpleasant odours.

Universal vacuum pins for vacuuming mason jars
Stop throwing food away and save money! Storing food in vacuum prolongs its shelf life up to four times.

How to create vacuum using our Kliki vacuum pins?

A special attachment for piercing mason jar lids or storage container lids that are made of thinner PP is stored in the handle of our special edition Vacuum Pump. Insert the special red pin into the resulting hole and extract the air with a vacuum pump. The food items in the jar or plastic container are now safe from oxidation. Pins are suitable for reuse. Our Vacuum Pin plugs are suitable for mason jar and PP container lids of all shapes and diameters.  

vacuum storing mason jar
Use a special hole maker for puncturing the lid and insert the Universal Vacuum Pin.

Hermetically sealed mason jars

When you extract the air from the jar, it is hermetically sealed. To access the content, you need to release the vacuum by slightly removing the red pin until you hear the air swish. Now you will easily unscrew the lid. You can open and re-vacuum pack the jar many times with the same pin.

Clever storing for the Universal Vacuum Pins

Our red silicone pins can be safely stored inside our special edition vacuum pump. This way you’ll always know where to find them and keep close at hand everything you need to vacuum store foodstuffs in your refrigerator.

special edition vacuum pump
Special Edition Pump is designed to safely store little pins.

The versatility of Kliki Vacuum Pins – suitable for lids of all shapes and sizes

Kliki Vacuum Pins can be used on all types of lids, whatever their shape or size. They’re appropriate for 1-litre jars of homemade jam and larger jars of pickled peppers or canned peaches. They also work with PP containers of all volumes.


Clean our special edition vacuum pump with a damp cloth. Don’t use coarse sponges because you could damage the sealing components. Don’t wash the pump in the dishwasher. To ensure smooth sliding action, pull the pump open and lubricate the inner tube slightly with paraffin oil.

Wash the red silicone pins under running water with a mild detergent, or in a dishwasher.

  • Remove the red hole maker from the Special Edition Pump’s handle and use it to make a hole in the lid of the canning jar or PP plastic container lid.
  • Attach the red Universal Vacuum Pin through the pierced hole.
  • Place the vacuum pump over the red valve and vacuum seal the jar or the container by actuating the pump several times until you notice slight resistance.
  • The lid can be opened and vacuum sealed again.







  • Na pokrov namestite rdeči zamašek in s par potegi ročne vakuumske črpalke ustvarite vakuum.
nameščanje pina v pokrov kozarca za vlaganje
Rdeči zamašek potisnite v luknjico na pokrovu.







  • Po ponovnem odprtju kozarca lahko zopet ustvarite vakuum.
Vakuumiranje kozarca za vlaganje s črpalko posebne izdaje.
Vsebino kozarca lahko vedno znova zavakuumirate.


Special edition vacuum pump and 10 pins

Pump has a special attachment for puncturing lids.

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Weight 144 g
Dimensions 45 × 75 × 145 mm

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