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EasyTiler Clip, 3 mm, 200-piece set

EasyTiler spacer clip with the thickness of 3 mm has all the characteristics of regular EasyTiler clips and is used with regular wedges for evenly laying tiles. These wider clips are suitable for 3 to 12 mm thick tiles. With the EasyTiler system, laying tiles will be quicker and easier.

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Sold in 40 countries around the World.


Finally, the time has come to lay tiles in your own cellar. Why pay a tiler, if you can achieve professional results yourself by using the Status system for levelling tiles?


EasyTiler is a new revolutionary system for evenly laying tiles of all dimensions

Tile levelling system EasyTiler consists of wedges and clips. It levels tiles in relation to each other as you are laying them and keeps them in place overnight until the adhesive dries. The result is a uniformly level tiled surface you won’t trip over anymore. The EasyTiler system is most helpful with laying large-sized tiles that are usually difficult to level.

clips and wedges for ceramic tiles
Use EasyTiler tile levelling accessories for evenly laid tiles without lippage.

Why use a system for tile levelling?

  • You’ll get professional results, even if you’re an absolute beginner.
  • You can use it with all kinds of tiles – ceramic, marble and stone, ranging in thickness from 3 to 12 mm.
  • The clip’s unique shape enables you to level tiles of various thickness.
  • Removing the clips and wedges is simple – hit the attached wedge from the side either with your shoe or a plastic hammer.
  • Useful for any surface – you can use the EasyTiler system for laying floor or wall tiles, inside or outside the house.

The 3-milimetre clip for wider gaps

Choose the blue 3-milimetre clip, when you want your tiles spaced wider (typically the gaps are 1.5 mm wide). Using wider clips is the same as using our standard wedge and clip system. You can use them with any ceramic, stone, or marble tiles of up to 12 mm thickness. Lodge the clips under the tiles and tighten with the wedges. Wait for the adhesive to dry and remove them. The clips are single-use only so they need to be bought as needed, while wedges are reusable. You can use the same wedges with all types of EasyTiler clips.

It’s time to handle your own renovation!

Gather your courage and finally do your own tiling; with EasyTiler you will achieve first-rate results even if you’re an absolute beginner, be it in the basement, kitchen, or hallway, on floors or walls.

  • Spread the adhesive. Adjust the clip under the tile.
  • Carefully and tightly insert the wedge into the clip slot.
  • Tiles are now levelled in height. Because of unique clip design the system is perfect to use with tiles of different thicknesses.
  • Set the EasyTiler on all four sides of each tile. When laying bigger tiles use two clips on every side of the tile.
  • Use soft-faced hammer to detach the wedge from tile by striking it perpendicular on the clip. Clip breaks into two pieces, wedges can be used again.

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