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Drip Tray for 0.5 and 0.8 Rectangular Food Vacuum Container

Drip Tray for 0.5 and 0.8 Rectangular Vacuum Container is made for prolonging the shelf life of wet ingredients, which would decay faster because of the contact with moisture. Excess water is drained, so the food stays fresh much longer.

  • Distributors in 40 countries around the World.
  • Made for a lifetime.
Freezer Safe
BPA Free
Dishwasher Safe
High Quality Materials


Up to 5 years of warranty.


Save more than 300 € per year.


Food stays fresher up to 4 times longer.


Made in Slovenia, EU.


Sold in 40 countries around the World.


How to keep moist food dry? Use the right size drip trays and keep the excess moisture away.


Why does moist food rot faster? 

Oxygen, temperature and moisture are the key elements for bacteria growth which make the food go bad, get mouldy and lose its nutrition values. Vacuum eliminates the oxygen and the refrigerator lowers the temperature. By adding the drip trays on the bottom of the container, you prevent the contact of food and excess moisture.

Use of rectangular drip trays for vacuum containers with volume 0.5 and 0.8 litre

When storing wet and moist food items, excess fluids collects on the bottom of the container and cause the food to turn black. If you use the drip trays, the water and juices drain off and food items stay dry and fresh longer and therefore of better quality and full of taste.

  • Store washed berries and prevent rotting in excess water.
  • Slice all kinds of fruit for snacks and keep it fresh for longer.
  • Washed cherry tomatoes, radish and other small vegetable will be ready for everyday use.


Wash them by hand or in the dishwasher.


Drip trays are made of food grade and BPA-free polypropylene.

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