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Universal Vacuum Lid 2, diameter: 8.2 cm

Universal Vacuum Lid with a diameter of 8.2 centimetres vacuum seals smaller glass jars of jam, olives, pickles, and other pickled vegetables. Vacuum packing greatly slows food deterioration and the development of mould. You will throw away less food saving up to 300 € each year.

  • Distributors in 40 countries around the World.
  • Made for a lifetime.
Freezer Safe
BPA Free
Dishwasher Safe
Does not Absorb Colour or Smell from Foods

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Up to 5 years of warranty.


Save more than 300 € per year.


Food stays fresher up to 4 times longer.


90 % of products are made in Slovenia, EU.


Sold in 40 countries around the World.


Do you often find a glass of spoiled pickles somewhere in the back corner of your refrigerator? Use Universal Vacuum Lid 2 to reduce the amount of food that gets thrown away in your household.

Universal Vacuum Lid 2 fits smaller mason jars

The Universal Vacuum Lid measuring 8.2 centimetres in diameter fits the sizes of smaller pickling jars and tin cans. Use it to extend the shelf life of open of pickle jars of vegetables or canned foods you cannot use all at once. Due to the effects of air and temperature, open foods are constantly exposed to harmful effects such as oxidation, rotting, drying out, and mould.

universal vacuum lid 2 on a jar of beetroots
The simplest way of vacuum packing food – use universal vacuum lid on the original packaging of the food.

The Status Universal Vacuum Lid extends food shelf life

Vacuum storing stops the negative effect of oxygen on the foodstuffs. By extracting air from the packaging you greatly slow oxidation that would cause food to spoil. This way, foods keep fresh longer. By throwing away less food you’ll save quite a bit of money on buying groceries.

Vacuum storing with vacuum lids is simple

Our vacuum lids are simple to use because all you need to vacuum seal is a vacuum pump. It can be either manual or electric. You can also use the special “Vacuum Container” setting on our vacuum sealer machine. It is however important that the edge of the container you want to vacuum seal is straight and smooth.

The Universal Vacuum Lid with a diameter of 8.2 centimetres fits various sizes

You can use one lid to vacuum seal pots and containers of various dimension. Our Universal Vacuum Seal 2 fits diameters from 4 to 7.5 centimetres. You can use it on glass, tin, plastics, ceramics, or metals.

Cleaning and maintenance of the Universal Vacuum Lid

When washing the Universal Lid, use ordinary dishwashing soap or wash it in the dishwasher. Avoid using powerful cleaning products and rough sponges or scrapers that could damage the gaskets.

Our Universal Vacuum Lid is made of food-safe materials

Our Universal Vacuum Lids are made of ABS plastics, which guarantees the products long-lasting quality. The gaskets on the bottom of the lid are silicone.

A vacuum pump is necessary to vacuum seal the Universal Vacuum Lid. It is bought separately and available here.

Vacuum storing slows oxidation but cannot stop it completely, so always store your vacuum-sealed foods in the refrigerator.

Prerequisites: The edge of the container must be smooth, which means it should not have any damage, such as notches, curvatures, indentations, lid clips or any other damage/decorations.

  • Place the Universal Vacuum Lid on the container and ensure that the entire edge of the container is inside the sealing ring.
  • Place the vacuum pump precisely on the valve at the centre of the lid and draw the air out of the container by activating the manual pump several times until you feel slight resistance.
  • To open the container, push the valve to the side with your finger. This lets air back into the container.

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