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SV2000 Semi-professional Vacuum Packing Machine

SV2000 Semi-professional Vacuum Packing Machine is the best choice for households, where vacuum packing is a daily occurrence and large quantities are vacuum packed at a time (fresh meat cuts, garden produce); this demands a highly capable vacuum packer that gets the job done quickly and stores the foods to a high standard. Meats and fish, fruits and vegetables, nuts and cheese – the possibilities are endless!

  • Distributors in 40 countries around the World.
  • Made for a lifetime.
Liquid Sensor
Easy to Use
Double Pump
Vacuum Pressure -800 mbar

Accessories for the Product


Up to 5 years of warranty.


Save more than 300 € per year.


Food stays fresher up to 4 times longer.


90 % of products are made in Slovenia, EU.


Sold in 40 countries around the World.


Are you perhaps a hunter or a fisherman? Do you grow lots of vegetables in your garden which you’d like to store for the winter?

The SV2000 food vacuum packing machine is the right choice if you’re looking for a powerful food vacuum packaging machine to store your dried meat delicacies, garden produce, and other foodstuffs for home use. Its user-friendly functions and improvements make vacuum packing food simpler.

Why vacuum?

Foods stored in vacuum stay fresh longer because they are not in contact with air and thereby oxygen, which feeds bacteria. Vacuum food bags are impermeable and food safe preserving the original taste and aroma of the stored foods longer. Dried meats will not dry out and fruits and vegetables will retain their vitamins and minerals. Stop your food from spoiling and don’t let the effort you’ve invested in cultivating your home-grown delights go to waste!

STATUS’S DELICIOUS IDEAS: Let’s see how Jernej from the blog Jernej Kitchen stored string beans for delicious stew throughout the year.

Semi-professional Vacuum Packing Machine SV2000: A vacuum-packing machine for the discerning customer

SV2000 has a double vacuum pump, which can extract 22 litres per minute. This means you’ll be able to vacuum pack your foodstuffs quickly and easily, while the liquids sensor will ensure carefree vacuum packing of sensitive and wet provisions by deactivating the machine if unwanted liquids get drawn into the machine.

vacuum packing freshly cut meat with SV2000
Vacuum packed meat is safe from freezer burn.

Vacuuming with a single button

This food-vacuuming appliance is designed for simple operation in any household. The appropriate vacuuming function can be selected according to the hardness and water content of the food items. To vacuum pack dried meat products, nuts, dried fruit, and other dry and solid foodstuffs, select automatic vacuuming. Press the “Vacuum bag” button and the machine will run the entire vacuum packing and sealing process on its own.

OUR RECOMMENDATION! When vacuum packing greasy dried meat products, we recommend that you fold the edges of the food bag outward, place the product in the food bag, and then fold the edges back.

How to vacuum pack sensitive foods?

To vacuum store wet and sensitive foods such as strawberries, raspberries, fresh meats and similar, select the manual vacuuming function. Press the “Start” button and when you observe that enough air has been extracted or, alternatively, that liquid is travelling towards the machine, stop the vacuuming process by pressing the “Stop” button. The machine will then automatically seal the food bag.

OUR RECOMMENDATION! Before vacuum packing wet, delicate or soft foods, pre-freeze them for one to two hours on a tray; then put them in food bags and vacuum pack them. This way, their shape will stay intact and there will be no danger of liquid getting into the vacuum channel. If pre-freezing is impossible, place a paper towel between the food and the top of the food bag to suck up access liquids and juices during the vacuum packing process. Just take care not to place the paper towel in the sealing spot.

STATUS’S DELICIOUS IDEAS: Find out the clever way of using the vacuum packing machine for stuffed meats. Did you know you can also use a vacuum sealer for marinating meat and fish in bags?

Vacuum storing in Status vacuum containers

Use the vacuum packing machine to store daily leftovers or fruits and vegetables in Status vacuum containers. We particularly recommend using containers to store liquids. Using the special attachment, connect the food vacuum packing machine and the container and select the “Vacuum container” function. A single press of a button will ensure that the foodstuffs will be vacuum stored in the containers at the appropriate pressure level.

A place for the foil roll inside the vacuum sealer

At the request of long-standing Status vacuum sealer users, we built a space to keep foil rolls and a blade for cutting the foil into the SV2000. This means less worrying for you and gives you a simple way to measure out the length of the food bag.

OUR RECOMMENDATION! Buy the Status Stiki double-sided adhesive tape as well and make vacuum packing bags easier on yourself. Simply tape the bag to the edge of the machine so you won’t have to hold it in place. This way, you’ll save on food bags or foil and avoid the potential problem of your food bags wrinkling during the vacuuming process.

Machine’s overheating sensor

The Semi-professional Vacuum Packing Machine SV2000 is designed for vacuum packing larger quantities of food at a time. However, if overheating still occurs, the vacuum packing machine will alert you with the control light. If this happens, just put the machine in a cool location and, after a specific period of time (approximately 1 hour), the machine will work as usual.

SV2000 warranty

The SV2000 vacuum packing and sealing machine is manufactured in Slovenia. We guarantee two years of warranty.

For easier vacuuming and better use of foil use Status Stiki.

applying status stiki in vacuum sealer SV2000
Double-sided adhesive tape for holding vacuum bags during vacuum packing.
Vacuum packing dried meat products and other solid foods
  • Cut foil to a needed length.
  • Put the end of the full vacuum bag in the vacuum channel up to the barrier.
  • Close the lid and lock by pressing number 1 and 2.
  • Press Vacuum bag and the bag will be automatically vacuum packed and sealed.
cutting foil roll into vacuum bag
Cut a piece of foil into a needed length.
Vacuuming soft and sensitive foods with manual function
  • Fill the bag with food and place the open end in the vacuum channel up to the white indicator.
  • Close the lid and lock by pressing 1 and 2 on the ends.
  • Press Vacuum bag Start/Stop.
  • Observe the food item and when you notice enough air is pumped, stop the vacuuming by pressing again on Vacuum bag Start/Stop.
SV2000 manual vacuuming salmon
Use manual function for vacuum packing sensitive and moist foods.
Vacuum packing containers and universal lids

Our starter set includes special attachment for vacuum packing containers.

  • Attach the smaller end of the tube to the opening inside the vacuum channel and set other end around the valve on the lid of the container.
  • Press Container.
  • Vacuum sealer is programmed to automatically stop when enough vacuum pressure is achieved in the container.
grey-silver vacuum packing machine
Vacuum pack any volume of container with special vacuum packing function.



Rich starter kit

also includes special tube for vacuum packing containers and universal vacuum lids.


Foil rolls and vacuum bags

Foil roll 200 x 1500 mm Foil roll 280 x 1500 mm 3 bags 200 x 280 mm 3 bags 280 x 360 mm


Foil cutting blade

Use it for easier cutting foil rolls into bags and for opening vacuum packed bags.

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Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

grey and silver, white

Pump volume

Vacuum channel length

280 mm


230 V AC


-800 mbar

Vacuum pump


385 mm

Channel for blade


Foil roll compartment



235 mm


93 mm

Built-in foil cutting blade


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